Our Story

Diverse Solutions MN (DSMN) is a leading consultancy firm based in Minnesota, with a singular focus:

To enhance the quality of services offered by Home and Community Based service providers, safeguarding the well being of individuals under their care and ensuring organizations meet and exceed regulatory standards. By empowering providers through guidance and education, we strive to contribute positively to the health and social services sector within Minnesota. 

Our story began in 2023 when our founders, a collective of healthcare professionals with a wealth of experience, identified a pressing need for support specific to 245D providers. We envision a future where these providers, armed with expert guidance, could significantly amplify the quality of their services, positively impacting the lives of those under their care.

Drawing upon the expertise of our founders, who have an intimate understanding of Minnesota's 245D regulations, DSMN offers bespoke consulting services. We help providers traverse the intricate maze of regulation compliance, process improvement, and staff training. Our consultants work in close collaboration with the providers, identifying their unique requirements and challenges, devising strategic solutions, and facilitating the implementation of sustainable changes leading to improved care quality.