Our Team

Brett Larsen

Licensing, Grant Writing & Audits

Brett Larsen has 18+ years of experience in the human services field.  He has worked for profit & non-profit companies, been a Director/Executive Director for 10+ years, and has specialized in creating opportunities for complex individuals.  Brett has strong lead agency connections and lots of 245D knowledge/first hand experience.  I look forward to partnering/working with you and finding solutions that move your company/individuals forward! 

Jake Bauer

245D Compliance Paperwork & Exception Rates

With over 14 years of dedicated experience in the human services sector, Jake Bauer brings a rich background that spans roles as a special education teacher, program manager, director of compliance, and even the VP of Operations for 245D service providers. His vast experience extends from aiding start-up providers to supporting established ones, always focusing on the delivery of 245D services that genuinely benefit the individuals involved. Jake's mission is to collaborate with providers, ensuring the delivery of top-tier, quality services that create a lasting positive impact on the lives of those we champion and support. 

Jarvis Wilson

Outreach, Networking & Referrals

Over the past 10 years, Jarvis has meticulously carved his niche in the human services sector. Initiating his career as a Behavioral Tech in a renowned hospital, he expanded his skill set by serving the community as both a CADI Case Manager and Mental Health Case Manager. His leadership acumen became evident when he assumed the role of Regional Director of Operations for a well-established provider, streamlining processes and setting benchmarks. Further showcasing his versatility, Jarvis played a pivotal role as the VP of Outreach for a start-up, aiding in the establishment of essential services from the ground up.

At the core of Jarvis's professional journey is a burning passion for teaching and a mission to make a lasting impact in social services. Engage with Jarvis for a combination of deep industry knowledge and a genuine commitment to enhancing the 245D service landscape. 

Nate Finger

Development, Training & On-site Consulting

Nate Finger is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in disability services. His journey began as a dedicated direct support staff, quickly progressing to roles such as lead staff, supervisor, and program manager. Demonstrating exceptional skills and leadership,  Nate eventually took on the position of development director and later served as the VP of development, showcasing his ability to navigate the industry successfully.  Notably, Nate played pivotal roles in two different start-up companies, effectively establishing services while ensuring compliance with industry standards throughout his career. His extensive experience and commitment to disability services make him a valuable asset in this field. 

Megan Leplavy

Training, & HR Compliance

With over two decades of experience in the Human Services field, I specialize in staff training and compliance. My journey has been fueled by a deep-seated passion for empowering staff to deliver exceptional, person-centered care. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to developing both in-person and online training that are not only interactive and engaging but also rigorously adhere to 245d regulations.

At the heart of my work lies the commitment to make learning accessible and impactful. This led me to create the Diverse Learning Solutions learning management system, a platform that revolutionizes how learning is delivered and experienced in our field.

I thrive on assisting organizations to achieve excellence in staff file compliance and in tailoring staff training programs that align perfectly with their unique needs. Let’s connect and explore how we can elevate the quality and effectiveness of your staff training together!